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1985 Precious Moments Birthday Train Figurines

1985 Precious Moments Birthday Train Figurines

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Vintage 1985 Precious Moment Porcelain Birthday Train Figurines by Enesco.

Each figurine is numbered with the birthday year. Great to collect as you child grows! Made of Porcelain in a Matte Finish. No boxes included. Heights vary from 3" to 5.75"

Please see all photos for details!

All are dated, numbered with a cute saying on each:

1. Lamb 1985 #15946 Happy Birthday Little Lamb
2. Seal 1985 #15962 God Bless you on your Birthday
3. Pig 1985 #15954 Heaven Bless you Special Day
4. Elephant 1985 #15970 May your Birthday Be Gigantic
5. Lion 1985 #15989 This Day is something to Roar About
6. Giraffe 1985 #15997 Keep Looking Up. This one’s hooks are broken

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