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Vintage R.L. Stine Bad Moonlighting Book Journal

Vintage R.L. Stine Bad Moonlighting Book Journal

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Vintage R.L. Stine “Bad Moonlight” Journal/Scrapbook.

I made this journal from an original R. L. Stine Fear Street book cover, decorated it with glitter, and covered it in resin to keep it safe! There is a small pocket on the inside of this journal where you can stow notes and pictures! Photo corners are included!

This journal consists of 130 pages of lavender and notebook paper pages. There is also a page from the original book as well as the back cover of this book tucked inside this journal.

I put a lot of time and love into these journals but I am not perfect. This is a handmade item and there will be some minor flaws, nothing that effects the integrity of this product though.


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